November Obsessions

November is all about three things: traveling, sales, and every college student’s favorite: finals. This month has been a bit hectic to say the least. After experiencing my first November of college life, I’ve definitely learned some valuable lessons.

Traveling: No matter how insanely early your flight is, allow time for security. The line at Midway literally went all the way into the parking lot Sunday morning. This may be the one I was thankful for having to wake up before the crack of dawn so I could make my flight. Another important aspect of travel success is a good travel bag. My oversized tote was perfect, because it fit all my travel essentials (make up, chargers, magazines, etc.) and I could just put it on the security conveyor belt without having to worry about messing with one of the bins. Even though the flight was short, it was the perfect time for me to catch up on the latest issues of InStyle and Vogue before finals start to take over my life.


Sales: Every American seems to love a good Black Friday sale, as much as Thursday’s Thanksgiving meal. I waited in line at H&M to receive one of their scratch off cards. Being a “poor college student”, I used my birthday gift cards and scored a haul of a cardigan ($10), jumpsuit ($20), cape style sweater ($30), and statement necklace ($10). My best purchase was $70 ana booties from Carson’s for $20. And of course, today is my personal favorite day, Cyber Monday. Be sure to check sites for free shipping, percentages off, buy one, get one deals, etc. You’d be surprised how much better deals are out there than on Black Friday, and for half of the hassle. Check out stores like AKIRA for 30% off site wide.

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Finals: I’m currently experiencing my first college finals, and you could say these next two weeks will definitely be the most stressful yet. Right now, my planner is my life line. My schedule would be in shambles without it. But most importantly, I need a consistent flow of coffee. There’s nothing like a shot of expresso at ten o’clock at night to power through your work. As important as studying is, so is de-stressing. A quick workout, power nap or online shopping break is the perfect way to take time for yourself and rejuvenate mental health.

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