July Obsessions

This summer has surfaced some very unique trends and changes within the fashion world. It’s great to see society being more accepting and the encouragement of creativity. Going along with that theme, here are my top three obsessions for July:

1. Body Image 

Over the past couple months, there has been much attention on the health of models. Their poor health choices not only affect the models, but also the girls who are being influenced by these images. Paris, arguably one of the biggest power houses in fashion, finally joining the movement by setting a standard that all working models must have at least a BMI of 18. Hopefully, the USA will see the positive outcomes of this and follow suit. I’m also obsessing over Aerie’s ad campaigns. They glorify the unique body shapes of every girl who shops at their store, not just stick thin models.


2. Hair Color

This trend has me reminiscing on beauty trends back from 2007, but I can definitely say it’s being done in a more tasteful manner this time around. Instead of chunky colored streaks, girls are finding more creative ways to express themselves through hair. One of my favorite ways this is being done is through the colored ombre. It’s creative a more fluid transition rather than harsh line between colors.


3. Jewelry

Statements necklaces are no doubt one of my favorite accessories, but it’s great to see a fresh trend coming into the mix. Variations of necklace length from extra long to dainty chokers are being used by girls to accessorize their outfits. I absolutely love the layered necklace trend, as well as the use of body chains, when done tastefully.


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  1. I think that the trend going on in France with their models is interesting. I hadn’t heard about that until now! I hope a lot more companies follow Aerie’s trend.


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