Anna Coroneo

Anna Coroneo has come a long way from selling tank tops at the farmer’s market in her hometown of Sydney, Australia. From a young age, Anna’s entrepreneurial instinct was a driving force in her life. That spirit of hers led her all the way to New York to earn her various degrees in design.

She has seen success in not only fashion but art as well. Anna is known for her playful prints that can be converted into everything from scarves, fine china, rugs, umbrellas to a classic canvas. She’s even had the opportunity to showcase her artwork as Art Basel in Miami. Each print begins as a simple hand drawn or painted work of art that is then turned into a fashionable print thanks to the use of technology.

Anna found the happy medium between design and commerce through a process of trial and error. What began as a dream turned into a true, effective business model. Retail giants across the globe, like Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman and Harrod’s, took notice of her unique designs on quality materials and saw the potential of her products. Major fashion publications alike have featured her kitschy umbrellas and scarves to their readers. All of her combined accomplishments led her to finally conquer her dream of opening her own store last year in the heart of London.

It was truly inspirational to hear her creative process. So much thought is put into each product that it’s no shock how much of a success her brand has become.





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