Harry Connick Jr. Show

Study tour this week opened doors to the entertainment industry. As I spent years growing up in front of the camera, I felt right at home. It’s such an eye opening experience to witness the smoke and mirrors behind TV magic. A simple, hour long show takes weeks to prepare and requires hard work from people in casting to writing to videography.

I really love witnessing the process behind the making of film and understand the passion and dedication it takes to make something appear so effortless. I used to spend summers at the US Performing Arts Camp at UCLA where students interested in acting, dance, writing, directing and videography were all welcome to come explore their talents. I learned so much from witnessing all these aspects of the entertainment industry and have a greater appreciation for the arts because of it.

Harry Connick Jr. has worked as a singer, big band leader, actor and now a talk show host. His show is the epitome of a light hearted, good time. He incorporates music into his show and truly makes it his own. It was clear how comfortable he is on stage and what a personable aura he offers.

We were able to see his Mardi Gras episode take place. As a New Orleans native, this episode was near and dear to his heart as well as many of his band members. It was so special to see their excitement as the show took place.

On this episode, he chatted with Allison Williams about Girls and her new movie Get Out, the hosts of Tiny House Nation and renowned Southern chef Josh Besh. They kept the discussions lively with their vast mix of talents and conversation topics.






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