New York Shoe Expo

This past week, our Study Tour class had the opportunity to tour the New York Shoe Expor presented by FFANY, Fashion Footwear Association of New York. The show was hosted at the New York Hilton, which allowed buyers and retailers to be right in the heart of the fashion industry. Throughout the year, FFANY’s mission is to help make the industry more fun and accessible for retailers and buyers, foster innovation, strengthen the industry through education and unite it through charity.

FFANY achieves these goals by hosting five expos per year. This gives industry professionals multiple opportunities to network and stay updated on the latest happenings with in footwear.

As Kent State students, we were welcomed into the trade show with the opportunity to expand our knowledge of both the merchandising and design process. Many of the vendors at FFANY were more than happy to share with us about their particular brands as well as answer any questions we had about the process as a whole.

As a shoe lover, I was head over heels (literally) in love with idea of spending the morning admiring the latest footwear. I don’t foresee myself having a career as a buyer or designer, but I do have a knack for event coordination. While at the show, everything seemed to have been running smoothly from a visitor’s perspective; but it’s so intriguing to think about the fact that the FFANY team has put vast time and effort into making sure every vendor and buyer has the most successful trade show possible.






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