Nordstrom’s NYC Office

For this week’s Study Tour, we have the pleasure of visiting Nordstrom’s satellite office in New York City. The team here is responsible to the buying and merchandising of HauteLook and Nordstrom Rack’s website. Our lovely hosts explained to us the break down of the company, and it was really much bigger than I thought it was with three different offices across the country. It was so interesting to hear how all the bicoastal teams come together to reach their end goal.

Nordstrom is made up of Nordstrom, of course, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook and they recently acquired Trunk Club. Even though they are a smaller than department stores, like Macy’s, they have really embraced omnichannel retailing and have upheld a brilliant reputation in customer service.

With the digital age taking over at such a rapid rate, Nordstrom is doing an amazing job having three different websites for their shopper as well as keeping a seamless experience with in-store returns. Another great point they made was reeling in their consumer at a young age and having them stay to become part of the Nordstrom family. Shoppers of different generations all operate differently, so it’s extremely important that they are realizing this to create the upmost experience for their shoppers.


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