Rebecca Minkoff Flagship Store

Rebecca Minkoff Flagship Store
I must admit that when I first heard about Rebecca Minkoff’s technological advances, I had no clue they were that far ahead of the rest of the retail world. Upon entering Rebecca Minkoff’s flagship location in Soho, the guest is greeted with a one of a kind mirror-turned-touch screen. It allows guests to watch this season’s last fashion show, order an item online, something to drink or simply readjust themselves after stepping in from the outdoors.

The technology continues throughout the entire shopping experience. After the guest finds their desired items, they enter a fitting room that is like no other. This fitting room allows guests to completely customize their experience by choosing various lighting concepts pertaining to that particular location. They are also able to call for assistance or another size.

When the guest is ready to check out, they may use the new self check out service located next to the fitting room. It walks guests through each step of the process with simple instructions and colored lighting guides.

The store managers explained to us that these advances may be intimidating at first, but guests are ultimately intrigued by the new form of retail. Many recent studies have shown that the millennial generation is geared toward experimental shopping. If they are going to leave the comfort of their bedroom and laptop at home, the retail experience must be worth it. With Rebecca’s Minkoff’s target market being millennials, they are right on track for retail success.





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