Is The Trend Really Worth It?

Trends come and go, so how do you know when one is worth the investment? Especially as a college student, it’s rarely easy to jump on every fashion bandwagon that passes by. Maybe other college-aged women like Gigi Hadid with a supermodel budget can splurge on any trend featured the pages of Vogue or our Instagram feeds, but that’s definitely far from the norm.

T80s-blazer-6-2he key to dressing “on trend” is finding the trend that speaks to your personal style. Fashion is the all-encompassing looks produced by designers, but personal style is what you choose from fashion to make it your own. For me, my go-to trend of the moment is what Marie Claire has described as “Grid-Lock Glam” inspired by the city-loving, working girl. This was easily adaptable for my wardrobe as I already own many pieces that fit the theme, and I’ve been able to expand my selection with elevated basics with bargain finds from places like Village Discount, Boohoo and H&M.


Many people are quick to judge second-hand clothing, but that is where the true treasures0fe573451ea9a69cbb95b6f54e8865d5-2 lie as all trends are really just reinvented looks of the past. With “Grid-Lock Glam” in mind, I’ve been able to find everything from Calvin Klein button-ups, Ralph Lauren blazers and printed trousers all under $20. Even though the price is low, quality is key. Having a general idea of fabrics and cuts that can last decades as well as reputable designers will ensure these elevated trend pieces last from fad to fad and make a more permanent home in your closet.

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