Fashion Meets Music Festival

This past weekend marked the second annual Fashion Meets Music Festival. Arguably the best combination for a perfect weekend, FMMF combines fashion shows with musical performances, pop up shops, and tasty food trucks for the festival-goers. My favorite aspect of the festival is the fact they’re so supportive of up & coming and local talent. Some of Columbus’s best food trucks and pop up shops were in attendance to entertain guests in between sets. I was obsessed with almost everything at The Black Alley’s pop up shop. It’s definitely a must attend event if you’re in the Columbus area.
IMG_6666IMG_6692IMG_6625What would this event be without extremely talented designers? The incredible FMMF staff put together fabulous fashion shows for rising talent to showcase their latest collections. They even hosted a student design competition for fashion students from across the country to compete against each other for the most creative/well done look. Two standout single designer shows were done by Betsy Judd and Bryston Walters. Betsy Judd’s line was all over crisp, clean lines and colors, which is something I love to emulate in my own wardrobe. Bryston Walters also included clean, feminine silhouettes, but incorporated a variety of soft pastels and bold patterns within his designs.

IMG_6767 IMG_6734 IMG_6733

Besides fashion, my next biggest passion in life is music. FMMF showcased all types of musical talent from local bands to chart topping acts to indie to electronic pop. Aside from the obvious amazing sets by Young The Giant, AWOLNATION and St. Vincent, discovering the lesser known acts was the best part. Hailing from the Cleveland area, Captain Kidd is a made up of a group of OSU college students. Being some of the youngest performers didn’t stop them from keeping up with the best of them at the festival. With influences like Artic Monkeys and Tame Impala, there’s no way that they wouldn’t be amazing. Look out for their new EP coming out this fall! I also started an obsession with Lights and Milo Greene. Lights kept up an upbeat, contagious energy throughout her whole set. There’s no way to not have a good time while listening to Lights. Cali raised, Milo Greene had a laidback vibe perfect for chilling on the festival lawn and enjoying the amenities FMMF has to offer.

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Festival Fashion

Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at the extravagant style of celebrities during festival season. I’m not an expert on every music festival; but from my experience at Lollapalooza, I don’t think I could last one show in half of their outfits. Celebrities are always seen sporting eccentric high waisted pants, layers upon layers, and heavy fabrics like leather or suede. Somehow Lollapalooza always ends up being the hottest day of the year or has sporadic rain storms that turn the ground into massive mud pits. As much as I love fashion, festivals are also a time to remember practicality.

Here’s my list of must-haves:

1. Cool Sunglasses 




2. Closed Toe Shoes


Steve Madden

3.Fun Purse


Steve Madden

4. Sun Dress



5. Comfortable Shorts


Pac Sun