Arts & Culture: Captain Kidd’s Good Life EP

As much as I love fashion, the arts in general are my biggest passion. Whether it’s acting, film or music, it’s always been something incorporated in my life. Breaking into the creative industries is also one of the most challenging industries to become a success. In my opinion, following up and coming talent is the best way to really appreciate the arts. Young talent holds the heart of pure ambition and passion for their craft.

At Fashion Meets Music Festival, I was thrilled to encounter Captain Kidd’s performance. Their use of classic guitar plus synth has been growing in popularity within the music industry, but they kept it unique to themselves. Being one of the youngest bands at the festival, I was so impressed by their talent and stage presence. They’ve even had the chance to perform at Firefly Music Festival this past summer. With influences like the Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala, they’re bound to be a huge success.

I had the opportunity to interview bassist, Andrew Gutierrez about their newly released EP Good Life:

1. How has your music evolved since you first started playing together?

When we first started writing music together, we were way more of an “alternative rock” band. Like we were obsessed with guitar bands like Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. Eventually we hit a point where keeping it to just the guitars was kind of limiting us musically, so we made a decision to start bringing in synth parts. Adding those synths is what really helped us progress to our current sound – trippy and danceable – but if you listen closely you’ll hear that we’ve still managed to incorporate guitar parts into every song.

2. What inspired the Good Life?

The songs on this EP were pretty much all inspired by experiences from college – both our own personal experiences and those of our friends. One common theme in some songs is the idea of using partying on the weekends as a means of escaping from your problems. We definitely feel that a lot of college kids could relate to the subject matter.


3. Where would you like to see Captain Kidd down the road?

Even though we’re still in school, the band has always been something that we’ve wanted to do as a career. We’d like to get to the point where we can go on tour and put out a full-length album. There’s just nothing that can compare to being able to do music full time.


4. What’s something no one knows about Captain Kidd (preconcert rituals, favorite songs, etc.)?

When we first started playing shows, we used to go into the bathroom before our set and! listen to James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” while we were warming up. We all thought the song! was hilarious, and it would kind of loosen us up before we played because we would be! cracking up so much from listening to it. Anyways we definitely don’t do that anymore haha.


5. Obviously music is a major stream of personal expression; what are some of your favorite fashion pieces that express your personalities’?
We love pretty much any kind of cool-looking jacket, anything thats both simple and! slick. Nate has this Cleveland Indians letter jacket from 1995 thats probably the coolest out of all! of ours. Seeing Arctic Monkeys walk onstage with leather jackets on during their most recent tour definitely has left an impression on us as well.