Homesick Clothing Co.

As much as I’m loving Kent State University, I miss the beautiful city of Chicago every day. It’s been a huge adjustment going from suburb/city life to being restricted to the town of Kent. Last week when I was scrolling through, I came across a picture of a guy wearing a Homesick for Chicago shirt. Instantly I googled it and knew I needed one now. Homesick Clothing Co. was started by Ari, a Chicago fashion student. Her journey of starting a new life chapter in the city to Italy and back inspired to her start the clothing line. The relentless thought of where exactly is home is a very common debate for people of this age, and I can definitely relate to it at the moment. Her line consists of loose fit cropped tees, baseball tees, and sweatshirts with graphics of various places and sayings. If you’re into the graphic trend or feeling homesick, I highly recommend checking out her website.

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Chicago cropped tshirt: $20 Homesick Clothing Co.