April Showers

Weather in the midwest has taken unpredictable to a new level. Just today, It’s been 65 and sunny to dark skies with April showers. I recently bought this top in NYC, and it’s perfect for the awkward, in-between spring weather. It’s cashmere with a turtleneck, so it’s great for warmth; but, it’s also cropped and a baby pink perfect for a spring day. Because of the gloomy skies today, I styled this look darker by adding a long, black cardigan, leather skirt, and knee high boots. Hopefully the weather will start clearing up soon; but for now, I couldn’t be more happy I can still wear leather and black a bit longer than I expected.


Cashmere top: $30 Beacon’s Closet/Leather skirt: $12 Forever 21/Black Cardigan: $15 H&M